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1 : this project we send the default country dhl transport include: the Netherlands, Italy , Belgium, Poland, Germany ! Other countries we usually send the default ems transport. Typically the arrival time of any country in the world is about seven days !
2 : Our project contains all the marked price fast shipping price ! Because you want to know , fast and secure shipping is the most critical cross-border sales and transportation service guarantee !
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8: Thanks again just great IOFFER! Thanks again for your visit !
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We accept west union,,Credit card payment can be done directly on the order page!. If you
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fast Shipping: Items will be shipped within 48 hours upon receiving of clear payment
We send by EMS, 7-13 days you can receive the
we send by DHL, Package should arrive within 5 days but usually early.
Our shop is an honest shop . In our shop, you see the photos are real photos taken ! So, you see the photos that you have received the shoes ! We strongly advise all buyers to friends around the world , because after all, the road so far , so please have a closer look at the other photos of the seller carefully consider and measure the quality of our project , because I could swear that 's actually sold in ioffer like shoes, only one shop we are the best plants, the best quality, fastest shipping , best service ! Other shoes like us photos of sellers are selling copied our photos , maybe you see them in the photo shop shoes than you receive , so please complete the project that we do not fall into the trap of the project price ! Since then receive their shoes with bad quality , you will regret it , but it was too late ! So , please correct judgment , the right choice us, we guarantee will make you satisfied ! We usually send fast , expensive mode of transport for you ! Because the price and quality is directly proportional to ! Undoubtedly !